There she goes again.

At last, our Health Minister has made a statement. I’m sure that there are loads of bloggers like me who rub their hands in glee everytime this incoherent lady opens her mouth, but she really had me worried lately, she’s been so quiet.

Anyway back to the story. This time, she’s suggesting that government steps in to force industry to cap food prices. How intelligent. Haven’t we seen Mad Bob try this a few times? And?

Well King Canute also tried something similar and proved that some things just cannot be kept back. As part of a global economy, we are at the mercy of rising world food prices, fuelled by higher oil prices. South Africa is not unique, the whole world is experiencing the same difficulties and to be naive enough to think that legislation is going to stop these increases speaks volumes of this excuse for a minister.

While we’re at it, why don’t we rather just print a shitload more money like Uncle Bob and increase all the welfare grants so that the poor can afford caviar and oysters. Stuff the Rand, there’s an election around the corner, let’s just please the votas.

Seriously, I am sure that there are a few unscrupulous manufacturers who have climbed on the bandwagon, but hey, we have a thriving and competitive market in most foodstuffs and the consumer is savvy enough to switch brands as long as collusion between manufacturers can be prevented at all costs.  The market will sort it all out, trust me.

The government should rather concern itself with keeping a close eye out for any anti-competitive behaviour in the market and not even think about legislating what cannot be legislated.  The Rand will be the big loser in this mad exercise in futility.

So in conclusion, madam please butt out, look after your own chaotic ministry, or better still why not retire and look after your new liver.


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