Aquaponics 101 – Growbed Layout

We spent the day cutting the last of the 500mm pipes for growbeds. I have now placed them out (upside down) to get an idea of how I can most efficiently fit them all in. We are planting 2.1m poles into the ground and then supporting the growbeds with cross-members after bolting them together in pairs. We are leaving the poles at full height in case we want to add another level or for crop support.

My basic layout only leaves a passage of 700mm between rows. Will this be enough, I wonder? To take out one 6m length might give us more working space but…. well it’ll be 6m less planting space. As it stands I have 11 x 6m half pipes plus 2 x 3m This totals 72m on the one side and 72m on the other side 144 (gross !!) metres of grow bed space heeeeha !!

Now if we really get clever, we can put 4 pipes side by side, with a pole support in the middle and this way manage to add another half pipe. This would give us a 2m wide growbed which is very wide, BUT we can get to it from either side so it’s actually only a 1m reach.

The wall thickness of the pipes is a massive 14mm and the drains that I am using JUST seem to have enough thread to make it work. I now have to work out how many drains I should have per 6m length to completely drain the bed in about 1/2 hr.

I also have 15 pipe ends that we cut off. What could we use them for as it seems a waste to throw them away?

Any comments would be appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – Growbed Layout”

  1. The Pipe-ends would make great potoato growers. Stand them with the open ends up and down put stones at the bottom, fill with soil, plant potatoes and water …. when crop is ready, kick over the pipe ends and sift thru the soil for your potatoes. Beats the crap outta digging for them ! AND the pipe ends can be used again for the next crop … Tis BRILLIANT i tell ya !!

  2. Why don’t you use them do make worm farms out of it. The bottom you can cover with the black stuff… you know, that silk like black stuff that they lay on ground before they put down crushed stone to prevent the weeds from growing but it allows water to drain. Damn I just can’t think what you call it.

  3. you could cover one end with a fine wire mesh fill with a medium for growing veg and hang over the fish tank the excess water flows back into the fish tank

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