Aquaponics 101 – Summer Days

After the Christmas break everything is now slowly getting back to normal.  At the Gouna commercial site steady maintenance is bearing fruit (forgive the pun).  So far in this system we have the following planted;


Strawberries (in towers)

Watercress (in the drain)



Cape Gooseberry

Green Peppers


I am now doing research on rice.  Yes, rice !!  I’m thinking of planting it in the very wet drain that collects the water from the strawberry towers and growbeds and runs into the sump.  Here is a shot of the watercress thriving in the moist environment.


We planted about 50 strawberry plants and after 4 weeks (save for some initial wilting) they are thriving. They produced a good many fruit and are now sending out runners in all directions.



The fish are also doing well. I introduced another 350 male fingerlings to pond #3. Today I borrowed a throw net and after a few practice throws in pond #1 (brood pond) managed to catch quite a few fingerlings in the 30-40mm size range which are looking nice and healthy and I moved them to pond #2 (mixed-sex juveniles).

We shaded the ponds with 80% black shade cloth this week and it certainly has helped. The temperature is now a perfect 28 deg and the algae in the ponds is definitely reduced.


Enough for now



8 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – Summer Days”

  1. Hi that’s interesting the rice research, i don’t see why it cant be done as i live in the phillipinnes (manila) and rice fields are forever as far as you can see, they harvest four times a year where you may get one harvest maybe two if lucky with the climate change. Anyways would be good to know your results with the research, i was living in knysna on the weldebach lane with a friend (paddy rive) and sedgefield so i do know the climate,, interesting and keep up the good work you and your team are doing, cheers for now.

  2. How did you make those strawberry towers? I’d love to make some of these, but I’m not sure how you got the tube to ‘slant’ inward above the cuts. I’d love to see any ‘how-to’s’ you might have posted on how to make them. Thanks.

  3. I got all excited to find a way to get back to the page where you built your strawberry towers, and then no link….. I am hoping to get my 2 12×20 greenhouses all set this summer. I also have one small greenhouse that is 6x6x8. I need to figure out how to set it up so I have room for everything.

  4. In America, when the west was being settled, people on the wagon trains would put silver dollars in their water barrels to keep algae from growing.

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