Going the Distance for a Green Future with New Initiatives

I have many like-minded readers from around the World. This is the first in a series of Guest Posts.  Todays article is by Sam Marquit, an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value.

There are some incredibly inspiring global and local green initiatives today. Being an independent contractor, I really began to notice the way that green materials and building practices could change the carbon footprint of my client. Now, as a commercial contractor, businesses also have an amazing power to promote green practices and become a beacon for others to follow as an example. There are a few green initiatives out there that have really done something for the world. The most inspiring thing for me to see is the amount of changes in the travel industry. Eco-friendly businesses in tourism and hospitality make a difference every day. Hotels are unique in the way that they advertise eco-friendly and recyclable practices right alongside with accommodations and other services. That’s something that every business should be doing to get more people interested in saving the planet.


Just think if you were a business owner and could win an award for doing something for your community or protecting a local wildlife preserve. These are just a few of the things that you can win an award if you’re nominated in The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards. Businesses around Asia strive to be nominated and chosen for awards in multiple categories. These categories include environmental protection, cultural preservation, resource efficiency and community engagement. Not only do these categories cover green materials, but they also look for social welfare qualities and responsible business tactics. That’s an important aspect to building a business in today’s marketplace.
In addition to the variety of initiatives, there are a number of green facilities that continue to go up. Las Vegas is actually home to the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.” The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort was given this award because of its solar energy panels, water-recycling program and waste reuse. The hotel has several other ways that it recycles and uses green materials. It’s important to recognize that hotels can partake in these practices as well and save on energy in the long run as well as reduce their carbon footprints.
Inspiration comes in many forms. If more businesses choose to be green like the new green Las Vegas hotels, the impact would be extremely beneficial for its customers and planet. We can all do our part for a greener world and it is up to us to continue the positive green trend.




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