A range of manuals and books are available for online purchase. South African buyers can email me at for bank details (ebook price R165) All other countries please use PayPal links below. Email me at should you have any problems whatsoever.


Building a Traditional Clay Oven – The Synaptoman way – A comprehensive eBook with many colour illustrations, explaining step-by-step how to build and cook with a traditional clay oven featured on this blog.   Make delicious pizzas, bake bread, roast, smoke food etc. Available exclusively as an eBook at only $18. (Available through PayPal) You can also pay for it with


Bitcoins or US$ at MtGox here;                                         asw

AQUAPONICS Aquaponics – The Synaptoman way, an introduction to Aquaponics, jam-packed with design, building and aquaponic management tips and tricks, including plans and parts lists for 3 different designs. (Available through PayPal)

You can also pay for it with Bitcoins or US$ at MtGox here;                                       




20 Responses

  1. Great and amazing stuff! where in south Africa are you located such I can come and learn….

    Plse send me invoice for the manual.

    All the best

  2. Hi Blessing,

    Thank you. I am based in Knysna, South Africa. I have emailed you the invoice for the manual.


  3. I am interested in the way you made your strawberry tubes. I first found you due to something you posted about making them, complete with pictures and I cannot find that page again. I did bookmark your AP page though. I need to get started tomorrow making the tubes because the Strawberry plants will be on their way here soon.

  4. I would like to find some material that explains in laymen terms how aquaponics works. I am one of those that enjoys the details. I have questions about siphon loops and pumps and such….. I cant find a good source that expalins these things in detail. Any reccomendations?

  5. ohhh…I forgot…pictures, photographs, and charts….all these things help to!….lol

  6. hi there
    I live in PE have u got a setup in uitenhage ?
    and is your training course full ?

    • Hi Joseph,

      I only erected the greenhouse tunnel for the Uitenhage Aquaponic system. I’m not sure how far the rest of the build is. I will email the contact details to you privately for this site. We do still have a few more spots in our February course.



  7. Hey boet ! ! !
    When’s your next course and how much?
    I have place to stay in Harkerville, so accommodation ate is not required.
    This is fantastic that you are just around the corner….
    Do you still have the restaurant?

    • Hi Maro,

      I’m not sure when the next will be as I am on a long-term contract in Paarl. Will keep you posted. Yes, we still have the restaurant called the Old Gaol in Knysna. Pop in and ask for Joan aka “The Child Bride”


  8. Hi Interested in buying your Aquaponic book but the links broken. Also want to pay via EFT if thats possible.

    Alan (Joburg)

  9. Hi I’m interested in your Aquaponic book , can I please get a price and EFT details

    Meny thanks
    Dewald (Pretoria)

  10. Greetings, I enjoyed your blog/ website and would like to acquire a copy of your book on aquaponics.
    I’ll be in the Joburg/ Pretoria area on March 5&6 for the Undercover Agriculutre Expo. Is there anyway I can get one while there?
    I’m coming from Botswana.
    Thank you for your help.

  11. Hi there. I would like to meet with you in Knysna on the topic of aquaponics and rearing of indigenous sea fish in the Knysna area. Please contact me on 072-4360694. I live in Knysna. Faan.

  12. Hi Faan, I live in the greater Gaborone area. Not sure where Knysna is but if you every get to my neighborhood please try to contact me on +267 74666610. Jeff

  13. Hi i am in Mozambique, how can I contact you

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