Chickens Revisited – Brass Butt Hinges

As mentioned previously and in keeping with my more obsessive nature, the chicken tractor was designed to be a piece of “garden furniture” rather than a mere chicken coop. Functionality, that is easy access and weather proofing were important features, but it also had to look good. I’m not sure if the chickens would know any better, but I would, so I plodded along in my normal pedantic way. A sip of beer, one screw, stand back, admire, another sip of beer, change the screw. You know what I mean. Here is a shot of the lower door fitted with its shiny brass butt hinges.

As you can see this lower door flaps upwards to change food and water, clean the floor and let the chickens in and out.

The next big job was the roof. With the roof sheets cut to size back in Knysna, I thought that this would be a walk in the park. How wrong I was. With no-one helping and with a gale-force wind blowing I battled and swore for hours until I got all the roof sheets on to my satisfaction. No beer drinking during this stage.

The top of the roof is finished off with a ridge but the one that I had bought would not bend down as far as I needed as my roof pitch was too steep, so it was off to the hardware store to buy a more flexible roof ridge. I have also bought white roof paint which I will apply later. The lighter the colour, the more light (and thus heat) will be reflected off of the roof. Here in Paarl, South Africa, temperatures rise to over 45 deg C in Summer.

Here is a shot of the roof. Not bad, even though I say so myself. This was the stage at which one is supposed to throw a big party and drink champagne, but being alone, I just settled for a Heineken.

With a few more bits and pieces to finish off, it was almost time to move it into position and await the “ladies”. Here’s a shot of the loft apartment where all the eggs were going to get laid. You can also see the top flap-door which opens downwards.

The excitement was mounting and tomorrow was the big day !!





One thought on “Chickens Revisited – Brass Butt Hinges”

  1. Very smart looking house, that! You’re so lucky not to have to content with Ratels – they’d be through that lot in a second, so chicken tractors are a much more challenging proposition for me here in Rheenendal. Easier just to have secure housing for them and then rotate the chooks through different runs.

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