All Conveniently Summarized

For those of you who have diligently followed my trials and tribulations in the Aquaponics (AP) industry, from building small backyard systems, to large commercial sites, I truly thank you.  My slight deviation from the tried-and-tested formula last year while I built a clay oven from only materials found in my own garden was fun, and the pleasure that I got from eating that first pizza must surely be one of those “priceless” moments that we so often hear about.

I polled my readers late last year, regarding what you would like me to write about and predictably, it is clear that most of you are here for the AP.

This blog has morphed from an interesting “hobby”, to a convenient marketing tool for my core business of designing and building AP systems, and finally into a repository of hard-earned experience, available to you, my readers.

I have photographed and documented every step of my successes (and failures) to date and my motivation for writing the two manuals avialble on this web site, was to put all this information (plus plenty more, previously unpublished details) into one easy, downloadable place, at a reasonable price.

I thus urge you to make yourself at home, use the search function, but if you’d like it all conveniently emailed to you, PLEASE buy the eBooks.  They are brimming with hard-earned facts and experience.

You can browse to Manuals/Books above, or buy directly below.  You can even pay with PayPal

Aquaponics – The Synaptoman way, an introduction to Aquaponics, jam-packed with design, building and aquaponic management tips and tricks, including plans and parts lists for 3 different designs.

Price is only $18 for a PDF eBook


Building a Traditional Clay Oven – The Synaptoman way – A comprehensive eBook with many colour illustrations, explaining step-by-step how to build and cook with a traditional clay oven featured on this blog. Make delicious pizzas, bake bread, roast, smoke food etc.

Available exclusively as an eBook at only $18. Click below or pay with PayPal


Cheers for now



4 thoughts on “All Conveniently Summarized”

  1. howzit Synaptoman.
    Let me begin by saying how blown away I am by your pojects and the yield that is possiable with your Aquaponics system.
    My father owns and runs a small yet productive banana farm of 20 hecters on the lower south coast of KZN. He’s very hands on and has a small work force but cant even begin to compete with the commercial guys in the area.I help where needed, do the jobs “they” cant and run a medium sized half organic veggie garden[Dads got a handy worm farm…] All in between getting tubed…. What really caught my eye was the yields you said could be achieved with Aquaponics.[Green house of 10m by 30m producing that of a squared hecter, or something to that effect]
    Id like to know if theres anybody in the our area who’s using your system so that we can go check it out.
    Im really keen on trying it out, that fact that its “green” and rather self sufficient bar a small electrical bill is a big draw card for me. My father, on the other hand being more old fashion wants to see good old hard proof….
    And I havnt even got onto the fish yet….
    If you could reply via email I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi, Good day I bought your ebook “AP Synaptoman way” using paypal ( Where can I download it from? Thank you.

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