Aquaponics 101 – Festive Building

A very Happy New Year to all of my readers.

Believe it or not, we have worked straight through on the new system with the exception of the Christmas and New Year long weekends.  The system is coming along nicely and the only problem encountered so far has been the extreme temperatures.

With the normal temperature in our area hovering in the 30-34 deg C range, in the valley where I am working and in full sun, I am enduring temperatures of up to 40 and in the greenhouse tunnel, who knows?

We have now completed the tunnel, the shade cloth area and the two ponds.  The growbeds are positioned and the support ends have been glued and bolted on.  All that is now needed is to plastic weld the PVC sheet half moons into place on the growbed ends.

All the underground plumbing has been completed and the supply line from the sump is also complete.  The ponds are full of water and I have put the standpipes in the ponds in case the valves (which are closed) leak.  Most of the drains are complete and all that remains here is to run the main 80mm drain down the hill to the sump.

Some images for clarity.

This is a shot of the inside of the shade cloth area before the large pond is installed.  You can see the plumbing for the central drain.  You can also see the growbed stands which have just been completed.

After the large pond was installed and fitted, I treated myself to my traditional swim.

The growbeds are bolted together using stainless steel.  We use off-cuts of PVC as spacers so that everything fits neatly and snugly.

Here is an image of my bush workbench where I cut all the PVC.  We just use an old wheelbarrow and a couple of clamps to keep everything in place while I cut with the grinder.

This is what the system looks like from the outside at present.

And after a hard day building in the bush, this is how the Child Bride treats me.  Sushi, prawns and Champers.




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