Aquaponics 101 – Another Day, Another System

I have recently been commissioined to build a small Aquaponic system for a B&B in the forest near Knysna. The intention, is that this system will eventually become a training facility and I will conduct Aquaponic (AP)courses from the site. The delegates will stay at the B&B for the duration of the course and learn AP in a lecture room environment as well as hands-on in this training system.

Like all other systems, this one starts with a “rough” plan. Here it is;

Briefly, it consists of two areas.  The first is a 6m x 3m hobby tunnel in which we will have a small 1.8m diameter (1.2m deep) mesh pond and 4 x 3m growbeds.  The second is an area of similar size, but under shade cloth.  Here there will be a 3m diameter (1.2m deep) mesh pond and 4 x 3m growbeds.  A 5000L tank at a lower level will act as the sump.

The area chosen is an existing terrace which we are widening.  This area was previously used as a vegetable garden, but with the drought and regular raiding by baboons and monkeys, it has fallen into disrepair.  Here is what it looked like before I started.

And here is what it looks like after some clearing and compacting was done.

After two weeks work, we have achieved the following;

  • Cleared and compacted the terrace.
  • Cast a slab for the sump at the lowest point and placed the sump.
  • Cast a slab for the smaller tank which will be inside the greenhouse tunnel.
  • Planted the poles for the shade cloth area.
  • Constructed the greenhouse frame, levelled and concreted into place.
  • Planted the poles for the growbed stands.
  • Unrolled and bolted together the mesh pond frames.

Here is about where we are now.

I will be sure to keep you posted.



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