The Clay Oven – The Proof of the Pudding

Well the oven looks good, it’s dimensions are correct, it seems to fire OK and hold it’s heat. But does it work? Well today we set out to prove (or disprove) a theory that you can make an oven out of clay from your own garden.

Step One was to start a fire. We built it up about two hours before the cooking and slowly got the clay up to a decent temperature. Then we made the pizza bases (12 in all).


Everyone then built their own pizzas using tomato, cheeses, spinach, feta cheese, salami, onions, mushrooms, bacon, ham, spicy chicken and numerous other delicious toppings.

Then they were popped into the now scorching hot oven using a hastily made pizza paddle (made out of a recycled road sign !!) This is what the first pizzas looked like in the oven.


Here is a shot of my two “assistant chefs” hard at work.


And here is what the first pizzas looked like on the plate.


After the last pizzas were cooked I popped some bread rolls in and closed the door to see how it baked.


The overall verdict was a big thumbs up. This is certainly a great way to spend a long lazy Sunday with family, good friends and a good few glasses of red wine.




One thought on “The Clay Oven – The Proof of the Pudding”

  1. Hello

    Congratulations for realising this clay owen and also your assistant chiefs…
    Thank you for sharing your enthousiam and showing your pizza.
    It looks delicious.



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