The Clay Oven – Update #5

The moment of truth had arrived.  I tentatively removed the yellow board holding back the sand form and then carefully pulled out the support holding up the door frame.  Nothing moved, broke or sagged………….initially.


Then just at the top right of the door, the edge of the inner layer started to sag.  I quickly propped it up with one of the supports that I had use for the door frame and proceeded to dig out the sand.  It was like opening an egyptian tomb for the first time.


After the sand had been removed, I lit a candle to very slowly dry out the walls.  You can see the prop holding up the sag as well as pieces of wet newspaper still sticking to the walls in the next image.


I left this burning the whole day and then in the early evening started a very small fire.  As the inner core slowly heated and hardened I was able to take the prop out and spent a few hours (with a quite few glasses of wine) slowly and carefully feeding this fire, until the whole outside of the oven was warm to the touch.


Enough for now.



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