The Clay Oven – Update #1

As mentioned in my last post, I have embarked on a project to make a traditional clay oven. The design is thousands of years old and ruins of clay ovens have been found on all of the continents. Because I hate doing things normally, I decided that my clay oven would be built on a timber base and stand proudly on my deck, where the whole family could help with the bread baking, pizza making etc.

I have now finished the frame, which I suppose I have over-designed (again). It offers a sturdy base with the weight evenly distributed across the bottom.


My main concern is to keep the heat contained and the underlying timber very well insulated from heat of any kind. The base is made with a timber decking floor insulated with a sealer which can apparently withstand 1200 deg C. We will be testing this !!


It is then covered with a 2-3cm sand layer (about 1 inch) adding further insulation.


As you can see on the right of the image, the bricks will stand slightly higher than the frame. Because of the cost, I am using genuine fire bricks under the oven itself but ordinary bricks for the surrounds. I am hoping to get the bricks this week.

Enough for now, I think I’ll order a pizza !!



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