Aquaponics 101 – Incubator Mark#2

We stripped eggs from the female Tilapia this weekend and I thought that it was an ideal opportunity to test out my new-improved Tilapia egg incubator.  The problem that I had with my previous incubators is that dead spots developed in the corners of the bucket, eggs died and then spread a fungus to the remaining eggs.  This meant that I could only incubate a few eggs at a time and so I had to use more than on incubator if we had lot’s off eggs.

Using some Methylene Blue did help somewhat to kill any bacteria causing fungus, but I knew that my bucket design was far from ideal.  Enter the versatile “Coca-Cola bottle”.

A sloped bottom forces the eggs to one spot.  Applying water from the bottom swirls the eggs around and then the slide back down to the bottom.  I had to make a mesh screen out of mosquito netting to prevent the eggs falling down into the pump when the power is turned off.

We stripped about 500 eggs from 3 females and replaced 4 of the brood males with “fresh” males that I had been conditioning in my “reserve” tank.  The production of eggs slowly diminishes if you don’t replace the males as they tend to get very “tired” servicing 4 females each, 24/7.

This is what my Incubator Mark#2 looks like.


As you can see, I have an inline filter just below the incubator to prevent dirt and debris entering the incubator. There is also a valve to control the flow. I purposefully didn’t treat with methylene blue to really test the design.

Here’s a closer shot. You can clearly see the eggs being swirled around.


We also collected about 1000 free-swimming fry and placed them in the brood tank. These will all be left mixed-sex.

Enough for now.



3 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – Incubator Mark#2”

  1. Hi Synaptoman,
    After making a fillet from the tilapia what do you do with the rest of the fish body? I am looking for a valuable yet cheap way to use it. I was thinking, is it possible to grind it down and use it to feed composting worms?

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