Aquaponics 101 – Ernest Hemingway

I have just personally given birth to my first real baby. The first four didn’t count because my wives did all of the hard work.

This one I did all on my own.

Aquaponics – The Synaptoman way, hit the Internet today and the first orders came in soon thereafter.  What a rollercoaster ride trying to summarise everything that I’ve learnt about Aquaponics into a manual for the ordinary guy or girl out there to understand.

I decided to explain the basics of Aquaponics and then go on to detail exactly how I built the 3 systems that I completed last year.  In a way I am giving away all of my “secrets”, but in another, it feels really good spreading the word about Aquaponics.

I learned a lot during the production of this manual, the most important lesson being that unless you can offer a convenient means of paying for something by credit card, you’re wasting your time.  I spent 3 days getting my ordering system working and now, at the click of a button, my clients can order and pay for my manual

Thanks to the guys over at Monsterpay for setting up an absolutely brilliant Internet shopfront system.  If you’re even considering selling something on the Internet, give these guys a shout.  Click to join, it’s free and they take a tiny percentage of your sales as a commission.

Apart from my manual, I am very proud to announce that the various publications of Leslie Ter Morshuizen of Aquaculture Innovations will soon be available for online purchase right here on Synaptoman.  Leslie is a highly-respected Aquaculture Consultant here in South Africa and his various manuals should be prescribed reading for anyone even considering entering this industry.

On the hatchery front we delivered 2000 male Tilapia fingerlings to a commercial site today. They’re going into a 45000L pond, will be fed well and the temperature is a toasty 30 deg C. They should grow like crazy. Here’s a picture of the Child Bride releasing them into their new home.


These fish were from Batch 2009/01A that I posted about previously and were sex-reversed to all-male. Unlike previous treated fry, we had almost zero mortalities with this batch. They were strong, ate well and grew quickly and I am sure that they will do well.

We now have orders for another 15 000 Tilapia fingerlings, so I suppose it’s back to playing Frank Sinatra in the brood tunnel again. Come on guys (and girls), you can do it.

For those of you who haven’t ordered the manual yet, get it here.

Be Good



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