Aquaponics 101 – Reaching for the sky

I paid a visit today to the first commercial site I built last year. Wow, never in my wildest dreams did I expect plant growth like this. This site will eventually become a tomato, pepper, cucumber tunnel, but at this stage anything goes. All of the above plus melons, basil, mint strawberries, corn, flowers, chilli, you name it, it’s growing.

Let me rather just keep quiet and show you the images.



Welcome to the Jungle


Tomato Trees, the roof of the greenhouse is 4.2m !!!


Tomato Jungle


Red Tilapia


Pond and plants


At the hatchery it was also fun and games today. We hatched over 2000 fry from our brood pond. These will all be sex-reversed to fast-growing males for the farms. Here is an image of the Tilapia swarm.


Now for a beer.


RIP, Kurt my old friend.


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