Aquaponics 101 – The end product.

Every new venture should begin with a marketing plan.  Aquaponics is no different, unless you are doing it merely as a hobby or to feed your family.  As the fish grow daily at our commercial sites, consideration now has to be given to what we are going to do with the tons of fresh Aquaponically-grown ™ Tilapia that will soon be ready for the market.

And so, the killing began.  I decided to cull 4 large males from my system and try numerous processing methods to arrive at a profitable formula.

I find that the most humane method of killing a fish is to shock it on ice.  Here are the 4 test fish “chilling out”.


The fish weighed an average of 500g and we decided to try 4 different processing methods;

Filleted (skin on)


Filleted (skin off)


Tilapia Kebabs


Smoked Tilapia


The fish were processed and very professionally vacuum packed by Chris at Knysna Seafood Safari. Many thanks, Chris.

Please let’s have your comments as to which product you feel has the most potential.

Now I’m off to taste.


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