Aquaponics 101 – Neglecting the Plants

A very Happy 2009 from Synaptoman and his Tribe to all of my loyal readers. The Child Bride and I were debating what three wishes we could send to our family and friends and eventually decided on,


,and we also sincerely wish these for you and yours.

As mentioned in previous posts, I have converted my home Aquaponic system into a small Tilapia Hatchery and I have spent the last few months stripping eggs, hatching them, cleaning tanks, pampering brood stock etc. and totally neglecting the plant aspect of the system.

With 3 good batches of fingerlings in December and the system nicely settled down, I have now turned my attention to the poor growbeds.

Here is a list of what I have done since the 1st.

  • Removed mint from two growbeds.
  • Repaired two leaking growbeds.
  • Unclogged all pipe-within-pipe drains and adjusted flow.
  • Removed nasturtions and squash (waste of time).
  • Cleaned up under all bushes.
  • Trimmed back gooseberry bushes.
  • Planted tomatoes in seed trays (Roma and Money Maker varieties)
  • Planted 3 types of chilli and capsicums in seed trays.
  • Planted Swiss Chard and sundry chilli seeds directly into gravel.
  • Generally tidied up the area.

I am trying seeds in seed trays this year and I am using a soil mix of 2/3 compost and 1/3 river sand as a potting mix. I then mix 5ml of Seagro in 1L of water and add to the mix.

I have placed the seed trays on the floor of my greenhouse next to pond #1 (brood pond) and am irrigating morning and night with water from the pond.

Making so many changes at the same time (and removing so much plant matter) is risky as my water quality and clarity is perfect at the moment.  A nicely balanced system like this will suffer from excess Nitrates if you remove too much plant matter.  What sometimes happens (and if the ponds aren’t properly shaded) is that algae forms and takes up the excess Nitrates.  I am going to have to keep a close eye on water test results until all the seedlings are up and planted.

Enough for now.



3 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – Neglecting the Plants”

  1. Hello

    What is the type of pumps do you use? Are us using solar to power them? And were did yo get them? LOL I’m trying to setup a farm in Florida.

    Thank You

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