Aquaponics 101 – There she flows.

One of my favourite times in a new Aquaponic system is when we turn on the pumps for the first time and see how and where the water flows (or doesn’t flow). Our new site has not been without challenges, the most significant of which, is that power is very limited and will be provided by a wind turbine and an array of solar panels.

This limitation really makes one think smart and after much deliberation I decided on 1 x 750W pool pump for the fish ponds and 1 x 200W pump to irrigate the grow beds. These two pumps (on timers) together with 2 x 80W compressors to provide aeration stretches our available power to the limit.

Here is what the two pumps look like in position.

And then the big moment arrived. I switched on the pump and then ran through to the fish tunnel to see the first flow of water into pond #1. The next nerve-racking time was when the water overflowed over the standpipe and came gushing into the solids filter. I need to make some small modifications but all in all it worked well. I have a perfect flow of water over and under the various partitions in which I can now pack various filtration materials.

From there it was just a chip and put into the main drain and then over the rim flow and back into the pool (aka sump).

Tomorrow we run the small pump and test all of the spraybars into the growbeds.

Be good



3 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – There she flows.”

  1. Help PLEASE I have set up a 10000 lt tank the sump is about 1.5 m lower. I have used 40mm black tubing for the in and out flows. The top tank overflows. Must i split the return pipe into 2 or must i put another outlet in the tank. I am also going to split the pumped water between the grow beds and the tank to take some of the pressure off the gravity problem

  2. Outflow size should always be bigger than inflow especially if it comes in under pressure. I would have at least 80-120mm outflow for a 40mm inflow. Either add another one or two 40mm outflows or choke down the inflow or build in a bypass and only send some of the water to the inflow.

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