Aquaponics 101 – To charge, or not to charge?

No this entry is not about charging my clients.  I always charge, regularly but fairly.  No, this entry is about the bull on site at the Gouna farm where we are building our latest aquaponic system.  It rained solidly last night and I phoned through to the manager this morning to find out if we’d get through the river.  Seeing as there had only been 38mm of rain we decided to go to work.  Well 38mm or not, the river was raging over the drift but we ploughed through and went slipping and sliding up the pass.

As we approached the site we were confronted by “the” bull.  He had been checking me out for a few days now and had made a couple of fake charges at the pickup, but so far we had been lucky.

This is one rather wet, angry bull.

Luckily, he chickened out and let us pass.

We made some phone calls and found out that there was even more rain coming so decided to abort and high-tail it back across the river, so a whole days work was lost.

We have made good progress this week though, so it’s not all bad news.

Here are some images from the site.

We completed the drain and made a rim flow into the pool (aka sump).

We also gravelled the vegetable tunnel which helps a lot with the dust and wet problems.

So let the weekend begin.



2 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – To charge, or not to charge?”

  1. Hi just a question or 2. I have a sloping site, is it better to step the beds and keep them level or can they just follow the slope? Do you use a stand pipe to take the water from your sump or do you just pump from the bottom?

  2. Greg,

    Always keep your growbeds completely level and rather step them. A sloped growbed floods the one side and dries out the other.

    I just pump the water from the bottom of the sump.

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