Aquaponics 101 – Progress in the Forest.

The days just don’t seem long enough. The gale force winds seem to make every little thing a chore and puts everyone in a bad mood. The winds have been blowing daily now for over a month (Gustav or Ike maybe?) We are still working at the Gouna site with the gable ends off, so the wind has just been whipping up the sand and blowing it straight through the tunnel into our eyes.

We eventually finished our drain and I have decided to paint it with a coat of waterproof paint just to be sure of no water leakage. We have also finished the solids filter and the big pipe that comes into it. As you will see from this image, I have designed three compartments to trap as many solids as possible before they get into the sump. The water will flow sideways and then over a little partition into the next compartment. I am filling the first compartment with filter material and charcoal “sausages” The next compartment will have coral and oyster shells and the final will be a settlement tank in which we have a few Tilapia fingerlings which eat the final solids which have come through.

This is what it looks like.

We have started welding on the ends of the growbeds. The first step is to measure out and cut a half-moon out of PVC sheet.

Then you glue (with PVC glue) and clamp into place with a re-inforcing ring.

This is what the final welded end looks like. Note the gravel that we are using on the ground. It is the same gravel that we use in our growbeds and the central drain and is certainly helping in cutting down on the dust.

Meanwhile back at the other site that we finished last month, we are harvesting like crazy. Here are some radishes that apparently “don’t do so well” in Aquaponics !!

To the numerous schools from around the globe who have commented on this blog or sent me emails, send me photographs and descriptions of your systems and I promise that I will publish them.

Keep up the good work.



2 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – Progress in the Forest.”

  1. Hi There, could you please take a wide angle photo showing where the solids filter sits in relation to the ponds and sump . you mention that both the fishponds and the grow beds flow into the central drain. does that mean you have two pumps out of the sump 1 to the grow beds and 1 to the ponds.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us

  2. Hi Greg,

    Will do tomorrow. The ponds are actually in another greenhouse tunnel so I’m not going to get them in the shot no matter how “wide” I go.

    As far as the pump, we will only use one pumping in 3 directions (controlled by valves), firstly to the fish ponds, secondly to the growbeds and thirdly to the strawberry towers.



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