Aquaponics 101 – Dem pipes.

Seems strange, doesn’t it, to transport expensive pipes half way across the country only to cut them up when they arrive on site.  Sure it does, but that’s tough, and so are the pipes, that’s why I use them.

The 12 x 500mm pipes will eventually become 24 x 6m length growbeds that will last years.  Here are some action shots of the cutting of the pipes and what they look like after placing on the growbed stands.

The frame work that we are busy with in the middle will eventually hold the strawberry towers. Water will drip out of the bottom and travel down a gravel-filled drain to end up in the swimming pool (aka sump).

At our other Aquaponic site, disaster struck twice on Tuesday.  First the sump collapsed and sand poured into the system and then a gale force Northerly wind almost blew the greenhouse (with us inside) away.

We had to dig out the old sump, cut the concrete slab bigger and then sink a new tank into the ground.  Oh, and also rescue 15 massive Koi from a sand-polluted pond.

Here are some sorry scenes from “Terrible Tuesday”.

The giant Koi were quiet happily swimming around in this mess.

We had to cut the slab bigger to get the new tank in

New sump in and now the cleanup begins

By today, everything was back to normal, without losing a single plant or fish.

Enough for now.


P.S. Debbie, fruit salad.


3 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – Dem pipes.”

  1. Hi I noticed in an earlier post that you have stand up drains on your grow beds(as opposed to floor drains). does that mean your beds never empty completely ?

  2. Yes they do. At the base of the standpipe we drill a small hole. When the growbed is filling up, the water flows in faster than it flows out of this hole until it reaches the level of the standpipe. When the timer switches the pump off, the water drains completely out of this little hole, sucking oxygen to the roots of the plant.

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