Aquaponics 101 – Boere Chopsticks

With the monster sump (aka swimming pool) finally sunk, the fun part starts. Today we started planting the growbed support poles.

Firstly, here’s the sump.

We have 128 growbed support poles to plant. We have to be reasonably accurate because, as I say to my guys, “water is totally unforgiving.” These poles have to be completely square to ensure that the growbeds are level. Every pole has to checked, checked and re-checked.

Before you write and in and say that the poles are different heights, yes I know, after the concrete is dry we lob off the tops to all the same height using a chainsaw.

Elsewhere on the farm they are constructing a STRAW HOUSE. Yep, this is not a misprint, a house with the walls made of straw. The straw bales are covered with chicken mesh and then plastered. It’s warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Here’s a shot of the final “trimming” with a chainsaw (yes, we use a chainsaw for lot’s of different things.)

The Child Bride decided to treat me today and make a delicious pasta salad for my lunch in the forest. One small omission, no knife, fork or spoon !! But as they say in the classics, ” ‘n boer maak ‘n plan.” I found some sturdy little twigs and wittled out two “boere chopsticks” and had a wonderful lunch, much to the amusement of my workers.

This Aquaponic business is making me so much money that I decided to take a Ferrari for a test drive, “just in case” Problem is, I overcooked it slightly just outside my local pub, much to the amusement of my mates.

Oh well, back to the farm.



2 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – Boere Chopsticks”

  1. Get in touch with me.Would like to come to your farm and see what you have done.M interested in aquaponics.Its good to see it happening in Africa.

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