So Boet, I hear you’re a coach now hey?

Ja, I’ve decided to drop everything and nurture the next generation.


Well look at it this way Bru, we’re not getting any younger and with the talent for golf that my lighty is showing, we may just have another Tiger Wood on our hands.’


What about woods?

His name is Woods, Tiger WOODS.

Ja whatever, he’ll be history when my boykie gets onto the Pro Circuit.

So how is the coaching going? Doris tells me you’ve been in hospital?

Ja, well we DID have a small accident.’


Ja but it’s part of the learning process so we’ve got to go with the flow.

But hospital Boet? How did you end up in hospital?

Well I was filming his swing, just like the pros you know, and then I got in the way.

What do you mean, in the way?

Well we were working on accuracy and…..


And, he isn’t.

Isn’t what?


Sorry about that Boet, do you have any photographs?

Ja, here’s the last one.

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