Synaptoman runs the Knysna

Here’s to you Andy.  Yep, without the laugh-a-minute local attorney, Andy Cox, Synaptoman wouldn’t have stood a chance in todays running of the Knysna Half Marathon.  Not that Andy was even there.

Here’s a shot of Andy giving a chop-stick demonstration recently

No, without Andy, the self-styled ITB guru, I would probably have been crippled for a week.  Also, training helps but Synaptoman doesn’t train.  Never have and never will.  This year was even more extreme, and I can honestly say that I never ran even 100m in preparation for this brilliant race, run through the beautiful Knysna forests over 21km.

But I digress, back to ITB.  More commonly known as Runners Knee, I have suffered from this ailment for years, and it effectively put a stop to a rather successful track and field career in my earlier years.

Andy also suffers from ITB, and at Comrades this year (no I didn’t run) he suggested strapping up both legs with insulation tape exactly 4 fingers above the knee. So there I was this morning at the start, with my two skinny legs strapped up like those thin poles that the road-builders plant at the side of the road to show levels. I certainly attracted some curious stares from many of the 4000 plus runners tackling the Half, but I persevered and wow, what a difference !!

With a cut-off time of 3 hours, I cruised in at 2 hours and 35 minutes to earn my 7th medal in this race (I had been disqualified once, but that is a different story).

So here’s to you Andy, cheers.

Oh, and the Child Bride ran a very credible 2 hours something. She also helped out doing bar duty at registration the night before.

Here’s a picture of her and Mike (aka Captain Courageous)

And finally, a shot of the medal and the tape. Now for some champagne.




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