Born on the 4th of July.

Synaptoman celebrated a birthday yesterday, and at times like this I always pause to reflect on where I find myself and how we all change over the years.  I decided that work had to go on at the Aquaponic site, so it was up early and the normal present opening ritual (“this feels like a box of chocolates, this feels like a book” etc) before leaving to fetch the staff.  It was only whilst eating my very humble lunch (a cheese and tomato sandwich and a bottle of mineral water) in the cab of my bakkie on site, that it struck me just how much I had changed over the years.

I remembered a time long ago, soon after I had qualified, when I came to the conclusion that the world owed me something and that because I was now a highly educated, intelligent and (in my opinion) good looking young man, people around me should sit up and say, “wow, he certainly has made a success of his life“.

I surrounded myself with all the trappings of my profession. Everything from the new 7-series BMW to the 3-piece suit, gold cuff-links and country club membership. I ate in only the finest restaurants and owned property and horses and sent my young children to the best private schools.

Like many before me who had achieved so much, so young, I became obsessed with my own importance. Living in Knysna, as I do now, I am surrounded by the same shallow, material people, like me those many years ago. And believe me, it’s not a pretty site.

From this position, the fall is inevitable, and when it does come, it is hard and painful.  I can only be thankful, that it came quickly and left me enough time to re-group and re-prioritize those things that make up the real ME.

Looking at that sandwich made me pause and realise what a very lucky man I have become.  People actually pay me vast sums of money to do things (I won’t even call it work) that I am passionate about, I am married to a stunning young woman (the Child Bride), who I regard as my best friend, I have children who, each in their own way, make me so very proud, and I look forward to each and every day as a challenge and a blessing.

Not being a religious person (an Atheist in fact) I still marvel at the beauty of Nature and the stunning surroundings that I work and play in every day.  And the answer is? Well?  The answer, my loyal readers, family and friends, is to let go.  Let go of all of those useless trinkets and signs of your supposed importance, and embrace what you are passionate about.  Take the plunge, your life is so short.  Everyday CAN be an adventure, you just need to find out what the important things actually are.

Go in peace.



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