Zimbabwe – how Mbeki can make good.

In a previous post, 20 reasons to annex Zimbabwe, I had a light-hearted look at the prospects of annexing Zimbabwe. With the recent chaotic events, both in Zimbabwe and here, this idea may not be such a bad idea after all. Outside intervention, in some form or another, is drastically needed, and who better to take the first step than the man who, in my opinion, is the main reason for this cock-up in the first place, Thabo Mbeki.

What is needed is an ultimatum to Mad Bob, giving him exactly 24 hours to call off his goons and allow a substantial SADC and UN observer and peacekeeping force into the country to ensure a free and fair presidential run-off. Failing this South Africa, being the country with the most to lose, should send a military force over Beit Bridge and take control of what is left of this poor country, to bring some relief to the traumatized populace, and allow them to freely express their preference for a new government.

Mugabe and all of his senior Zanu-PF leaders should at the same time, be arrested to face charges of gross violations of human rights and an interim government installed pending the results of the election. The Zim Dollar should be scrapped and the South African Rand installed as the only legal tender. This will provide some temporary economic relief and although the short-term effect on the Rand may be felt, the medium to long-term benefit to the sub-continent as a whole, is worth the investment.

This may seem a rather radical suggestion, but the abused population Zimbabwe is crying out for help.  Are we going to, once again, look the other way and try some more “quiet diplomacy”?



5 thoughts on “Zimbabwe – how Mbeki can make good.”

  1. Dude … I think first someone should annex SA and throw Mbeki in chookie …then go sort out MAd Bob… 🙂

  2. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I am a journalist working for a magazine called cape chameleon (based in Cape Town, South Africa). I would like to use the picture of the crying girl that has been posted on this website and would like to receive permission to publish it. If this photograph has been taken from another source I would highly appreciate it if you could forward that source to me.

    Thank you,

    Jen Kale

    1. Hi Jen,

      No, I am not the owner of that image. Search for crying-child.jpg and maybe you can find the author. The image was sent to me by a reader of my blog.



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