Aquaponics 101 – A blank slate.

With my other commercial aquaponic site progressing well and probably about 3 weeks from being completed, I thought I’d introduce my readers to my next project. I have been commissioned to design and build another aquaponic system way off of the beaten track in Gouna just outside Knysna.

At this particular site some preparatory work has been done and I have been hired to take the project further. Here are some facts;

  • The site is nice and level.
  • To get there is a shocking 20km gravel road. (its probably only 10k’s)
  • The field in which we are building is grassed and the soil is clay.
  • There is no electricity on site for construction or running the system.
  • I will use a generator during the construction phase.
  • The client has also ordered 2 x 600W Kestrel Wind Turbines from me, one of which is going to this site.
  • The client has ordered 4 x 7m diameter (1.2m high) mesh ponds.
  • The total water (excluding sump) is a massive 184 000 L.
  • No thought has been given to a sump, and it will probably have to be outside.
  • The client has ordered 2 x 30m greenhouse tunnels from me.
  • Each tunnel will hold 2 ponds plus growbeds
  • They want to grow strawberries.
  • The fish will be Tilapia.
  • They haven’t given much thought to pumping water around as according to them, “Tilapia don’t need much aeration.”
  • No filtration has been considered.

Here is a picture of the site on Day #1. You can see the outline of two ponds.

Enjoy the ride.



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