Sex sells.

So Boet, I hear you’ve been in Japan.

Haasoh Bru, I bring greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Why are you speaking so funny?

What do you mean?

Well you keep looking at your feet when you speak, And bowing.

Oh sorry man, these habits are hard to break, but hang it’s good to be home.

So? Tell us about your trip.

Ja OK. Remember I told you I was going to look for business opportunities?

Yes, and did you find any?

Yep, bought a franchise. I’m going to be a millionaire within the year.

What kind of franchise? Japanese food, or what?

Naghh, something MUCH more interesting.

Well, don’t keep me in suspense man, let’s hear it.’

It’s a franchise called JAPANESE SEX AEROBICS.

WHAT? Does Doris know about this?

Of course not you idiot. I’ll tell her all about it AFTER I’ve made my first million.’

Well, how does it work?

You know the Japanese are such hard workers?

Yes, and?

Well they work so hard that they don’t have time for sex.

So what? According to Doris, you don’t have time for sex because you fall asleep.

In Japan, this worries them, so this brilliant businessman came up with this idea.

Please continue.

Well you just have to find a big hall in the business district and rent it. Even a warehouse will do.


Well then you schedule half hour sessions with an instructor and then the couples come in and do it.

Do what?

IT, you know, that thing. Don’t make me say it.

Boet, what are you talking about?

In their lunchtimes or whatever, 200 or 300 couples, half an hour, in and out and back to work.

Boet, you are starting to scare me, I have no idea what you are talking about.

They pay 100 bucks each, the instructor tells them what to do, undress 1 minute, foreplay 3 minutes, doing IT 25 minutes, then they run through communal showers and dress and straight back to work.

You mean like synchronised?

Yes, that’s it, you’ve got it.

And you PAID for this franchise?

It’s big in Japan !!

And you think it’ll work here?

Well don’t you? Here’s a picture, judge for yourself.


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