Harvesting Energy.

The first law of thermodynamics states that, “energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

As we sit in the midst of an energy crisis with Eskom not coping and global oil prices sky rocketing, I find it so strange that so much energy is wasted. We actually design systems (believe it or not) to soak up excess energy and dissipate it. What rubbish you may say, but let me give you some examples.

Have you ever been to a gym and seen all those panting people running on treadmills, cycling, working out with weights? All of them are converting one form of energy into another. A treadmill is designed to offer various levels of resistance to simulate various running conditions.

A simple generator built into the treadmill could offer the same resistance required and at the same time generate energy in the form of electricity which could be stored and used to reduce the gyms reliance on Eskom and save valuable carbon emissions.

Everytime I read about protest marches, I think what a waste of energy. Why not install a sort of travelator at each towns city hall and whenever protestors had any grievances they could all get on and walk, toyi-toy or run for an hour or two and then pop their stupid memorandum into a convenient built-in slot?

All the energy harvested could be fed into the local electricity grid.

There are already hamster wheel powered cellphone chargers, why don’t we harvest all of our excess energy.

Here’s an exercise. For the next week keep a look out for any activity that uses energy and then dissipates it by weight, gravity, springs etc. and think of how it could be converted to useable energy. And before anyone suggest using all the hot air that Synaptoman generates, I’ve already thought of that.

Be good.



3 thoughts on “Harvesting Energy.”

  1. As always Synaptoman, you are absolutely right. I’ve often thought that if I could harness the energy of my toddlers tantrums I wouldn’t have to worry about being dependent on Eskom.

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