Aquaponics 101 – Holes, heat and making a plan.

Today I drilled 72 x 50mm holes in the grow beds for drains !! I discovered two things;

1) The bottom of the grow bed is too round for a neat fit of the drain fitting.
2) The wall is too thick for the thread of the fitting.

Mmmmm, so I sat and thought for a while and then came up with this cunning plan.

Used an angle grinder blade to recess the hole from top and bottom. This way it thinned the wall and provided a nice square surface to seal the fitting.

Now everthing fits nice and snug.

Temperatures today are worth noting.

Outside temp in the shade 17 deg C
Inside temp at midday (air) 32 deg C
Water temp at midday 22 deg C

Working in this heat is “interesting” and I stripped down to the bare essentials.

* Please note the next image is not for sensitive viewers. *





Enough for now.



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