Aquaponics 101 – The Plastic

The big day dawns. Yep, time to put on the greenhouse film at the commercial site. Having the plastic cover on now means that we can work in any weather but it also means that the temperature inside is at least 5 degrees higher. Rainy days are great but hot days are going to be stifling. The gables (end bits) have been concreted in and we’ll cover them last. Today however, we fitted the main tunnel with plastic.

The greenhouse film comes in 10m widths, so with 5m taken off over our 30m tunnel and with 25m to cover we used three lengths with very generous overlaps. What we did was to start from the one end and clipping it to the gable end and then pulling the plastic as taut as possible. Then repeated at the other side.

The plastic is held down on either side by a trench dug in the soil and then the plastic looped down and filled with soil as follows.

Here are some more images of the plastic and the gables.

Here you can clearly see the clips that hold the plastic securely onto the gable ends.

Tired now.



One thought on “Aquaponics 101 – The Plastic”

  1. Thank you for the pictures and info. Looks like we both have picked the same size house for our project and as I am new to all this I really appreciate the insights and ideas I am getting from you.
    I live in a hot/humid climate. I am assuming yours is hot – perhaps not as humid. I am wondering what your plans are for cooling the house?
    I was looking at roll up walls with built in screens, roof ventilation and shuttered fans on the ends. Even saw where one house had dug and lined ponds to take advantage of the cooling effect of sub-ground. I was not too excited with the dug ponds – I want easier accessibility to the fish.

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