What is it about France?

I remember reading some time back that France had never won a war. Maybe I am wrong but I am sure that I read that the only war that France had ever been reasonably successful in, was it’s own civil war (French Revolution). I am also too lazy to go and check, but I am pretty sure that the US wasn’t too happy with France at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, because they wouldn’t support or send French troops. With their dismal war record, maybe this was a good thing. The Yanks were in such a froth that they even wanted to rename “French Fries”.

The latest news from China then, is no surprise. Apparently there is a huge Anti-French sentiment sweeping across the country because of the disruption of the Olympic flame relay in France to protest China’s crackdown in Tibet. To piss the Chinese off even more, the Paris city council has decided to bestow honorary citizenship on the Dalai Lama.

The situation in China has in fact become so serious that even the government has called on it’s citizens (all 2 billion or so of them) to take it easy. China calls for halt in ‘radical’ anti-France demonstrations

Seems to me that nothing the French do will ever be right.




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