Somebody (anybody), do something !!

The mind boggles. While our “mini-president“, who currently holds the UN Security Council’s rotating presidency this month, frantically holds off the rest of the world, Mad Bob imports a deadly cargo of Chinese arms and ammuniition through Durban harbour. Thankfully our Transport Union are now refusing to offload it. However our National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC)’s scrutiny committee have given it their full approval. This scandal is rightfully causing an uproar in media and opposition circles.

I would like to point out that I exposed the Chinese link in my blog entry of 14/04/2008

Here is some more speculation. Shoot me down if you want to;

  • Mugabe has traded mineral rights for protection from China.
  • Mbeki knows this and condones it (what has he got to lose anyway?)
  • Martial law will be declared in Zimbabwe.
  • Morgan Tsvangirai will be charged with treason (again).
  • Zimbabwe will be plunged into civil war.
  • The West (or the UN) will have to intervene.
  • The Rand will be traded at R20/$ by July.

and worst of all………

As South Africans, we all have the blood that will be shed, on OUR hands.

Viva ANC (Zanu-PF), viva.

I need a drink.



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