Aquaponics 101 – The big greenhouse arrives.

Lot’s of fun and games today. Two greenhouses (from Spain) arrived by container. We offloaded at 8:00am and transported them to their respective locations at the two commercial sites in Knysna that I am busy building. Hundreds of loose poles, spans, clips and things. Trying to sort everything out was a lot like a jigsaw puzzle.

Here’s the truck being offloaded.

An then the sorting and transporting began.

To really complicate matters (as if we weren’t busy enough) the truck with the big 500mm pipes that we are using for growbeds also arrived and we had to offload them as well. To give you an idea of the weight of each of these pipes, it took 7 guys to offload and carry one 6m pipe.

Obviously being like a little boy on Christmas Day, I couldn’t resist starting to assemble the greenhouse to “see what it looks like.”

Now I need a beer (or three), a shower and some sleep (in that order).




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