Bru goes camping

So Bru, I hear you and the family went camping?

Ja, we really had to get out of the house, the kids were starting to drive us nuts.

But they normally seem quite happy, don’t they just sit around watching TV?

Ja normally, but I think they started getting a bit bored or they got tired of the Zim elections or something.

What happened?

Let’s just say they have a creative side.”

So you took them camping. Where?

We phoned Storms River, well tried to phone at least. After the 8th call and a lot of confusion and uncertainty the Cape Nature lady took our booking and said it would be R510 for the campsite.

Isn’t that a bit steep?

Ja, I also thought so just for a piece of grass, but what the hell, only the best for MY family.

And then?

Well then we drove all the way there and then she asks me if I’m a foreigner.

YOU, a foreigner?

Ja, apparently there are different prices. They rip the foreigners off even more than us.

So you paid the R510?

No, that’s just the problem, we get there and this lady tels us it’s an extra R200 for a Conservation Levy

R710 !!!

Yep, and then she has the cheek to say that its even more expensive at Kruger.

What’s that got to do with Storms River?

I don’t know.

So what did you do?

I tried to be decent about it and respectfully asked if, seeing that we had a confirmed booking, they could just fag the levy.”

And what did she say?

She just rolled her eyes back and then asked her supervisor, a rather obese black lady busy bursting out of her Cape Nature uniform, who just dismissed the idea and walked off.”

So you just walked off as well?

Of course we did, I don’t like getting ripped off.

So where did you go?

We eventually went to a great little campsite called Arch Rock, clean, cheap and privately-run.”

“And did you find a nice campsite?

Ja, we did find a site eventually, but there were some pretty rough ones on the beach,

Campsite 85

The camp table (rustic)

Ahh, that’s much better


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