Thank you, one and all

Thank you so much for your support over the last 14 months since the inception of Synaptoman and also for your votes in the 2008 SA Blog Awards. It was a huge honour to have been declared a Runner Up in the Best Green Blog category. Congratulations to the winners and well done to the organisers.

A special word of thanks Joel and his team at Backyard Aquaponics and my Aquaponic mates in Australia and the rest of the world who voted like crazy. Aquaponics might currently be regarded as “Geek Gardening”, but as Global Warming really shows it’s effects, Aquaponics may just be the future of agriculture.

A very thankful




One thought on “Thank you, one and all”

  1. I think you should pull a Bra Bob move and have another vote.There is no such thing as a runner up. You walk for that award as slow as you can.Who runs for second place. Liverpool maybe.I better be careful the green bombers might find out who I am. I hope you are not a good loser cause I still am kak at that.

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