Fill her up and give me 25 shares please.

Hey Boet, what in heavens name are you doing?

I’m just getting ready to go to the petrol station.

But you’re putting shoe polish on your face.

Bru, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

OK, now you’ve really go me really worried, why the black face?

Well you know I’ve been dabbling a bit on the Stock Exchange?


Well, I’ve really learnt a lot.

And lost a fair wack of money according to Doris.

Ja, please don’t mention that too loud, she’s still the moer-in with me about that.”
So what have you learnt?

Well for starters, banks are good but only when times are good.

Yes, and?

Cell phone companies are always good.

So did you buy any cell phone shares?

No, but I’m going to.

And, what else?

Gold is good and platinum and especially anything to do with fuel.

Why fuel?

Well the Arabs are punishing the rest of the world for the war in Iraq


By putting up the price of course.

So we don’t have an oil in South Africa, how will that help us?

Well we’ve got Sasol you know.

So, we buy Sasol shares, of course.”

Ja, but it’s not that easy.

What do you mean?

Well I read here that they are only selling shares to Blacks.

Surely that’s unconstitutional?

I’m sure it is, but that’s what they’re doing.

So how are they selling these shares?

Well if you read the article, it says here that they’re selling the shares at the Sasol petrol stations.

No way?

Ja, so all we have to do is convince some pomp-jockey that we’re a brother and then we get our shares.



Pass me some of that shoe polish man, I also want to get rich.



P.S. If you are a white South African reading this, proceed as follows;

a) Go to a Sasol service station.

b) Ask to buy some shares.

c) When they say no (and they will), tell them that you will no longer be buying their fuel.

d) If you own a company (and some of you do) fill up your company vehicles somewhere else.”


2 thoughts on “Fill her up and give me 25 shares please.”

  1. Oh my … they are really trying to stir the pot arent they …. I reckon most of the shares will be used for starting cooking fires cos all the trees in the area have been chopped down… 🙂

  2. Here boet! Luckily we like walking because we are going to be doing a lot of it!!! Too bad all that black polish is going to run down and ruin our safari suits.

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