One bottle or two, what an (alleged) arshole.

Eskom must be heaving a sigh of relief at the Robert McBride court case, as it takes the focus off of them for a few days.


In June 1986, our hero, Robert McBride taped together more than 100 pounds of explosives, attaching a mine with a 15-minute timer as his trigger, and swaddling this propulsive charge with bags of machine-gun bullets and metal scraps for shrapnel. He secreted his lethal contraption in the spare-wheel well of a powder-blue Ford Cortina, which he parked one Saturday night on a crowded beachfront esplanade in Durban.The bomber was out of earshot when his device exploded into two busy white bars called Magoo’s and the Why Not, killing three women and wounding 69 people.

For this atrocity this terrorist served a mere 6 years in prison, before getting amnesty from the TRC. Fast forward to 2008 and Robert, now a metro police chief, is defending himself against charges of drunken driving and defeating the ends of justice.

This (alleged) arshole now has the audacity to question a prosecution witness who testified that he saw McBride drink two bottles of Johnny Walker at an end-of year function, before driving off and wiping out his car, this after being offered a lift home. He (the witness) testified that he saw him finish a bottle in an hour or two, but was a bit vague about the second bottle, so the defense pounced. Read the whole sordid story here.

Our drunk driving limit is a mere 0,05. Whether the defendant drank one or two bottles is completely irrelevant, and I believe that we are wasting taxpayers money in even proceeding any further with this case. Surely it is obvious to anyone with half a brain cell that this man is guilty. What is taking so long?




One thought on “One bottle or two, what an (alleged) arshole.”

  1. I ,for one, am furious that he was never haung,drawn and quartered for crimes against humanity – years ago. Our friend Roberts crimes didnt stop at the Magoo bar bombing ….. he is scum of the earth lightly camoflagued as a very high ranking Policeman….
    He is an Egotist that has no problems in constantly defeating the ends of justice … I hope he burns in Hell.

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