Boet’s plans for global warming

So Boet, what have you been up to?

Well Bru, I’ve been thinking about this global warming thing.”

What about it?

Well you know we’ve got to cycle to work and save electricity and all that kak.


Well, I’ve been thinking, what if it doesn’t work?


All our plans and schemes and things, what if it just doesn’t work?

Oh, I don’t know, what are we supposed to do then?

That’s exactly the point, surely we should be planning for if we can’t stop it.

How do we do that?

Well they reckon the seas could rise 20m, that’s bladdy high you know.”

Ja, but what can we do ???

We’ll just have to move to higher ground, and if we can’t, we’ll have to adapt to having water all around us.

So what ideas have you had?

Well I was thinking about food and stuff, I mean how would we get it delivered if we’re all stuck on little islands in the middle of the Karoo?

By boat I suppose?

Ja, I suppose that could work, but what about planes?

A plane can’t land on water, you poepal, unless it’s a seaplane I suppose.

I’m sure they could just skim past and drop off our supplies without actually landing.

But wouldn’t that be dangerous?

Of course it would be, but I hear that some okes have been practising.

No way, that’s impossible.

I also thought so, but check out these photos, and right here in South Africa nogal.





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