Aquaponics 101 – And the work goes on.

We are making good progress at the commercial Aquaponic site, as well as at the hatchery. This week has been spent constructing the mesh ponds and filling them. We have had two days where we could only work half days because of rain, but have almost finished filling the ponds.

A mesh pond is made up of;

A reinforcing mesh outer. This is (theoretically) supplied cut to size, but what we have found is that they are too big, so it has been a real struggle to pull over the liners.

A thick plastic wall protector. This just separates the pond liner from the metal mesh.

The geomat. A material layer underneath to protect the pond liner from uneven surfaces and offer some thermal insulation.

The pond liner. Very strong, flexible plastic, moulded to the size of the pond (ie 3m diameter and 1.2 m high)

The drain. We have opted for very big 80mm drains because I have found that smaller sizes could not keep up with the inflow.

Here are some “action shots” of the construction process, and some arsing around by my team, Denzel and Keenen.

Keenen hard at work joining the meshing.


Denzel…. well Denzel just being Denzel.


The drains have got to be well sealed. Our first pond leaked and had to done again.


Two done and two to go.


Meanwhile at the hatchery site, my “reserve” Malawian, Obvious, was hard at work constructing a retaining wall out of old tyres.


I have bought about 15 very large Koi fish. I know nothing about Koi. I do not have a Koi pond. I don’t know what Koi eat. I don’t know who I am going to sell these Koi to.

Anyway, they are a minimum of 30cm each, and I have got them at a bargain price (I think). I’ll be putting them in one of these mesh ponds if I can cobble some filtration together this weekend. I will photograph and measure each fish before putting them in, because apparently this is how you sell them on the Internet. Let’s see how it goes.

Enjoy your weekend.



4 thoughts on “Aquaponics 101 – And the work goes on.”

  1. Hi I am contemplating building a couple ponds like this mesh one you described can you provide some advise?…I cannot locate the geomats any where……When are you heading to Trini in the Caribbean

    1. Hi,

      The geomat is just biddim cloth otherwise known as a “soil saver” We use them under our mesh ponds especially if they are assembled directly onto soil. They protect the pond liner and also offer great insulation. Send me the air ticket and I’ll be there tomorrow !! Just not in January as I’ll be building a site in Lebanon.



  2. Sir? What do you mean by: “The pond liner. Very strong, flexible plastic, moulded to the size of the pond (ie 3m diameter and 1.2 m high)”

    How do you mold a pond liner? Did you buy it in a sheet form and mold it? Or bought it molded already? Thanks in advance!

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