A man for all seasons?

In a move that will probably have his COSATU and SACP “handlers” in a froth, the mighty Zuma addressed a predominantly white Afrikaner audience last night at a dinner hosted by the trade union group Solidarity.


And boy, did he turn on the charm. Here are some gems that are sure to cause some waves;

You (Afrikaners) have no home other than South Africa and as such, your concerns should be taken seriously.

Whatever issues you raise are aimed at making our country more successful, and to create a better future for your children.

Some perceive the efforts to remove white or male privilege as an assault on the rights of white South Africans or on the rights of male South Africans. We need to answer such perceptions.”

I know your concern that young white South Africans feel they cannot enter the labour market, and the fact that positions remain unfilled because the necessary affirmative action skills are not available.

On hearing of a young white man who matriculated last year, but could not obtain a bursary because several companies told him they did not award bursaries to white people, he said;

If that was my son I would be very angry because I cannot believe that in my country we have somebody that’s going to be deprived from opportunities because of his colour.

On political interference in sport;

I don’t think we need interference in sport. I think a sport must run on its own, politics come in as far as I know in terms of government having to regulate how sport must go but I don’t think it must run the sport. The sport leadership must run the sport.”

At the end of the evening, on a special request by Zuma, the Afrikaans song ‘De la Rey’, about Boer war general Koos de la Rey, was played.


Would the real JZ please stand up?

Are these the same answers he would have provided at the Forum of Black Journalists?

What are the alliance partners thinking?

So many questions as chameleon man strikes again !!

Enjoy your weekend.



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