The protest march.

So Boet, are you ready?

Bru, I’m going nowhere dressed up like this.

Oh yes you are, we had a deal remember?

Ja, but this is pushing our friendship a bit too far.

So you don’t like mini-skirts?

Of course I like mini-skirts, but I didn’t say I like wearing one.

Well if you don’t wear one for the march today, you may never see them in public again.

I don’t know how you work that out Bru, what if someone sees us?

No-one is going to see us. It’s just a simple little protest march.*”

This is not simple. We’ve got to march in high heels and mini skirts from the art gallery to the taxi rank.


So what if we get isolated from the crowd, or we lose our car keys, or I break my leg? What then?

We just tell them that we were in a protest march.”

These are Zulu taxi drivers I’m worried about. What if one takes a fancy to me and mistakes me for a bird?

You think that’s possible?

Ja well, a person can make a mistake you know.

A mistake? You’d have to be completely blind and stupid to mistake US for women.


Why? Are you saying I’m too fat to be a woman?

No, not too fat, but probably a bit on the hairy side.

I’ll have you know there are MUCH fatter women than me.

I’m sure there are. Now finish getting your make-up on, or we’ll be late for the march.

Ja OK, here’s a picture of my ex-girlfriend posed on my new car. I told you I’m not that fat.


* Hundreds of women and men marched from the Johannesburg Art Gallery today in protest against the sexual harassment of a miniskirt-wearing woman at the city’s Noord Street Taxi Rank last month.


One Response

  1. those women were stripping in public. that was a sorry excuse to get naked in public. how do they expect taxi drivers to respect them if they cant respect themselves and their bodies?

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