Lucky Boet

So Boet, I hear you’re in the kak with Doris again?

Ja Bru, and after the Sambuca problem, she wasn’t in such a great mood to start with.

What happened?

Ag, you know what it’s like, same problem as last week, the Rugby.

Rugby? Don’t tell me you got pissed again?

Well…ja I did, but no Sambuca this time, I just stuck to Klippies and Coke.

And then I suppose you still drove home?

But of course, it’s the South African way, but this time I didn’t make it home.

WHAT, don’t tell me you pranged your new bakkie?

Yep, right through a guard rail, flew through the air and landed about 30m away.

Well you obviously weren’t hurt, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

No, but hell I ran from the prang before the cops got there.

What time was it?

Late man, about 11 and pitch dark, I couldn’t see a thing, I just ran.

And Doris? What did she have to say?

I didn’t even go inside, I just slept in the garage until the next morning.

And the bakkie?

They towed it in, and then the cops came looking for me. They said I had a lucky escape.

And did you?

Ja, of course I did. Doris was in a much better mood the next morning.

No, not from Doris you idiot, the accident.

Ja, apparently that too, they brought me the photos.

So? Let’s see.

Ok, here’s a picture of the accident. I went through the railing on the right, the bakkie flipped over the culvert and then landed on the other side, facing the way I’d come.


So what’s the big deal? That doesn’t look that spectacular?

Well here’s the other photo. It shows that there was a bit of a drop that I could have gone down.”


Oops, I see what you mean. Maybe you should stick to Sambuca after all.


2 thoughts on “Lucky Boet”

  1. Holy crapola… ! Thank god he got out the correct side of the Bakkie … Imagine surviving the accident only to get out on the wrong side and fall to your death 🙂

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