Manto Bashing

The thing about politicians, is that they make such great targets, and the new South Africa has certainly thrown up its fair share of idiots. My favourite however, is Health minister Manto (Dr Beetroot) Tshabalala-Msimang. She seems to blunder (lurch) from one PR disaster to another, whisky bottles flying in all directions.

Jacob Zuma started the trend, when as head of the Moral Re-regeneration Campaign, he had sex with an HIV-positive woman half his age. One has got to be so careful around this man, as he slaps critics with multi-million rand lawsuits at the drop of the hat, so the allegation of rape by this unfortunate young lady will have to go without further comment. His 5 (or is that now 6) wives, allegedly paid for by kind sponsors, and his alleged “corrupt” relationship with convicted fraudster, Shabir Shaik, further enhances his “moral” example to the rest of us.

But back to Dr Beetroot. At the launch of the Healthy Lifestyle Programme in Port Shepston (what in God’s name was she even DOING there), she announced that alcoholic beverages will soon carry messages highlighting the negative effects of alcohol. Are we supposed to take this woman seriously? Her alleged alcohol consumption is legendary, her fast-tracked liver transplant is common knowledge, and now this idiot is lecturing the rest of us about OUR alcohol consumption?

She went on to say says that she hopes to emulate the success her department has had with the tobacco industry, where a 40% drop has been achieved due to warnings on cigarette packets. This is not necessary. We could probably achieve at least a 40% drop in alcohol consumption in this country if we could just get HER to join the AA.

In another embarrassment, addressing the Presidential Task Team on African Traditional Medicine, said: “We cannot use western models of protocols for research and development. We should guard against getting bogged down with clinical trials.” In other words what she is saying is, “please don’t test these traditional medicines, because they don’t work and are probably made of rat piss and foreskins.

We are getting to a stage in this country, where under her leadership, patients can consult sangomas and get medicine, which will be paid for by medical aids. At this stage, they cannot book a patient off of work, but I have personal knowledge of workers presenting sick notes to their employers from sangomas. But whatever you do, don’t test these medicines, your western methods don’t apply.

Doctors for Life International (DFL), while encouraged by the move to subject Traditional African Remedies to clinical trials said, considering the “extremely high incidence” of muti killings, it was clear that some potions sold as traditional African herbal medicine contained human body parts. “DFL has numerous testimonies of traditional healers using human body parts in herbal mixtures. Usually the medicine is considered more powerful if the body parts are removed while the victim is still alive.” Lovely !!

Human genitals are often used in love potions and remedies for infertility and/or impotence.



You must stop thinking like a Kaffir.

Irvin Khoza, chief of the local organising committee for the 2010 World Cup.

Have a great week.



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  1. You suggesting that I was well at some stage. My second home is Fort England where the fish are from. I think I am starting to like you. You got change for a hubcap?

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