So Boet, what have you been up to?

Bru, I had a bit of an accident.

What sort of accident? Was it bad?

Pretty much as bad as it gets.”

So you were trying to impress the ladies again hey?”

Hey, not so loud, Doris will moer me, you know what she’s like.

So what happened?

Well, you remember we went to the pub last Saturday to watch the Stormers get klapped?

Yes, and someone klapped you hey?

No, everything was going fine until the end.

Then what happened?

Well Larry started his nonsense with the shooters, and then one thing led to another.

So you passed out and knocked your head?

No, much worse, they started playing all these stupid drinking games.

And THEN you passed out and knocked your head?

No man, they had this Sambuca that you light and then drink.

Yes, AND?

Well no-one told me you have to put the flame out first.”

Ouch !!



4 thoughts on “Sambuca”

  1. oh my god. after my friend dave sent that too me, i had too do some reasearch too see if i could locate the person in this photo, as it was abit disturbing, i was not sure if you lived or died! how bad did it hurt? Hope all is ok.

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