Dress Code for 2010?

I am often asked what “Synaptoman” means.

Information from one neuron flows to another neuron across a synapse. The synapse contains a small gap separating neurons. The word “synapse” comes from “synaptein”, which Sir Charles Scott Sherrington and his colleagues coined from the Greek “syn-” (“together”) and “haptein” (“to clasp”).

A Synaptoman is thus a person who “communicates”, collecting news and information, sorting and analysing it, and then passing it on to readers.

There was an interesting quote in a local television production called, “The Most Amazing Show“. (Go and check out their wacky website here). In it, the main characters, Corne’ and Twakkie had a movie review section, and they used to say, “we’ll watch the kak, so you don’t have to“, or something to that effect.

This is what I do, and an article that caught my eye today certainly provides plenty of food for thought. It’s not always the news itself that is so interesting, but more the comments that are posted that brings many new dimensions to the story.

The Times today brings an horrific story of a young lady, Nwabisa Ngcukana, 25 who, dressed in a mini skirt, was set upon buy a group of Taxi Drivers at a rank because she was provocatively dressed. They tore off her clothes, sexually molested her by allegedly put their fingers in her private parts, and then paraded her naked around the taxi rank, to cheers from the crowds who had gathered, all because she “was asking for it”, by the way she dressed.

Read the whole disgusting story and then continue.

Some really interesting comments were logged and these are the ones that I found particularly thought provoking.

Whilst I condemn the manner in which these women were treated, if you dress like a whore then why do you expect Joburg taxi drivers of all people to show you any resptect? (sic)”

This sentiment is expressed in numerous comments and the influence of the mighty Jacob Zuma is evident.  Much is also made of the fact that these were Zulu taxi drivers, as if this makes a shred of difference.  If we take the above sentiment to it’s natural conclusion, then the following comment is even more interesting.

Really funny that! In Zuma’s rape trial he stated that in his culture it would be insulting for a man not to make advances to a provocatively dressed woman. It would appear to be another case of the ANC having its cake and eating it

Another reader concludes that;

What if you choose to parade around in bits of animal skin and underwear, should you also be attacked, sexually assaulted and ridiculed in public?

This was the really interesting one.  A woman who dresses like a “whore” is treated like one.  A man who parades around over weekends in animal skins and his underwear (and drinks out of a paint tin)  because of his “culture”, come Monday morning, suddenly expects to be treated seriously as a civilised member of the First World community.  Why should we treat him as anything other than the naked savage that he is?

And who do I blame for this sudden resurgence of sexist, tribal behaviour?  The one and only, President of the ANC, and God-forbid of the country, Jacob (std 4) Zuma.  With wife number 6 clearly in his sights, he presses on (badly) influencing huge swathes of impressionable young savages.

In closing another interesting observation.

I certainly hope none of our world cup visitors will wear a mini skirt.I think fifa should provide a warning to visitors or provide a dress code.




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