Poor Whites

Watch this very sad video about poor whites on YouTube here. It documents the plight of poor (mainly Afrikaner) white folk under the new ANC regime, and Solidarity’s (the trade union) efforts to assist them with soup kitchens etc. It also features a very cutting interview with Aziz Pahad, a cabinet minister, by a BBC journalist.

It exposes, once and for all, the ANC’s blatant racist policies, which are no better than the system it so valiantly fought against.

That there will be winners and losers in any conflict, either political or military, is accepted, but what is unacceptable, in my humble opinion, is when one claims equality, and practices inequality. BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) is racist, whichever way one dresses it up, and the simple test which I always use, is to replace the word “black” with “white”, and ask yourself, “would this be regarded as racist?”  White Economic Empowerment? mmm, what do YOU think?

This is one of the questions that the brave female journalist posed to Pahad, and when he realised that he’d been maneuvered into a corner, had the audacity to hide behind our Constitution, as if this made it miraculously right.

The free market will prevail, and any protectionism only works within the artificial system within which it was created. The Afrikaners who enjoyed “sheltered employment” in the Civil Service under National Party rule since 1948, now find themselves living in squatter camps, but I predict that the black ANC faithful who now find themselves in positions way beyond their capabilities, have even further to fall.

Step outside of this “Wonderland”, and they will be exposed by the global community for the uneducated and woefully unsuitable candidates that they are. David Bullard, in a brilliant column in the Sunday Times recently, commented that merely because your business card says, “Neurosurgeon” doesn’t necessarily mean that you are one.  He even went so far as to suggest a test/exam for potential candidates for high political office.

I don’t mind being discriminated against, but please, don’t do this while telling me that we all enjoy equal opportunities.




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