The “Yoof” have spoken.

The ANC Youth League (average age 37), have proposed that the sale of alcohol be banned on Sundays. (The Times)

Ignoring for a minute the absolute absurdity of this idea, let us rather try and grapple with their reasons for this proposal. The Yoof League, as David Bullard so playfully calls them, is nothing more than a disgruntled group of ANC junior members, who after finally being given their matric certificates at the age of 23, are to be found screaming, shouting and toyi-toying on the fringes of the party campfire, and are renowned for taking up the most arbitrary causes. This purgatory stage of their metamorphosis into full blown party members can (and often does) last well into their thirties.

What truly amazes me, is the influence that this motley crew have over the mdala’s in the party. The recent election of JZ in Polokwane is a case in point, with the youth enjoying the same vote as a whole province !!

Which brings us back to the alcohol proposal.  I can only assume that this sh*t idea was dreamt up during some Johnny Walker-fueled brain (sic) storming session, by five or six of the Youth League “leadas”.

It probably started something like this (please add thick African accent, slightly slurred.)

Hey Sipho, whaat you theeenk ees thee mos ridicyolus preposal that we cood make?

Eish Bongani, I don no, but eet mus relly peess off the fathas.

Yes, les see how fa they weel go to keep us happy.”

How mush booze we got in the store room?

Eish, thousands of botteels.  All the leftovas from Polokwane and all thee other meetings.

So wee OK for a while then?

For sure.

OK, write thees press release.

The ANC Youth League calls on all clubs and taverns to be banned from selling liquor on Sundays. The league also wants trading hours to be limited, with closing time fixed at 2am.

And that’s how it happens in the corridors of power.

Cheers (hic)



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