The Fishing Trip

So boet, how was the fishing trip?

Ag, not so good bru.

Why? Did you get seasick?

Ja, everyone did.

What? I thought it was a professional bunch you were going to sea with?

Ja, but the swell was a bit big.

Oh come on. How bad could it be?

It was pretty rough.

But you said you were going out on a huge boat with all the bells and whistles. What went wrong? Did you at least catch something?

Not a thing. We tried to get out and then the skipper chickened out after the first wave and we just headed back.

Oh come on. What a wussy.

Ja, that’s what I thought. We were all vomiting over each other but I was having fun. I’m sure once we got out to sea it would have been better.

So any pictures?

Naghh, my camera got washed overboard with everything else, but they took some shots from the shore.

Cool, let’s see them then.


Us, waiting for a gap in the swell.


Still waiting.


Me, losing my camera, cell phone, rod and breakfast.



Turning around and calling it a day.


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