Faces in the Water

This is probably my strangest blog entry to date. Something really wierd has come up that I’d like to share with my readers.

About a week ago a colleague of mine, who is busy constructing a large aquaculture facility outside East London, sent me a photograph of his progress, as he does regularly.

I normally read the email, look at the image, and then send a “well done” reply or ask questions, or make comments. This image was however, very different. It showed some large ponds inside of a greenhouse tunnel. The focus was on the contruction of a large central filter. While trying to fathom the workings of the filter from the image, and reading his explanation, something else came to my attention. The image in question is displayed below.


Can you see anything strange in this photo? I spotted it immediately. A MAN, in the pond looking at the filter. He has brown hair in an off-centre middle path and he is wearing glasses. Can you see him? I thought I was going mad, so I zoomed in closer, and there he was.


He appeared to be looking intently at the filter. I immediately contacted my colleague and asked if anyone else had spotted the “face in the water”. Once you knew where to look it was easy. He sent me a frantic email back with all of the other photos taken on the day and asked me to see if I could spot “him” again. I was able to find exactly the same man in every one of the six photos. Very wierd.

Here is another photo.


In this photo the same man with the same hair and the same glasses, although a bit smaller here, appears to be “swimming” towards the edge of the pond. He is at a slight angle. Here is the image zoomed in again.


We are now trying to find a logical explanation for these “faces in the water”. Water, fire and clouds are strange things, and you can find anything if you look closely enough, but to find the same man, with the same features, is just too coincidental for words.

We are also trying to get a description of previous owners of the farm to try and find a match.

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?

Very confused.



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